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school playground equipment

Nothing brings kids more joy than recess during a long school day. But without the right school playground equipment, keeping them entertained during those breaks outside can be tough. No matter how amazing the equipment is, it always needs to be in good repair. With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your playground equipment in good condition for many years to come. Here are a few simple maintenance tasks that will extend the life of your equipment and keep kids happy throughout the school day.

Inspect Swing Seats for Cracks

About 83% of parents recognize that teaching kids how to use technology is important for long-term success. But nine out of 10 of those parents would prefer their kids spend time outdoors playing rather than sitting in front of computers. Nothing draws kids outdoors like a good swing set. Over time, rubber seats can crack and degrade. The last thing any school wants is to have a seat break while kids are using the swings. Every month or so, inspect the seats for damage. If you notice any cracks, order a replacement and install it as soon as possible.

Install a Border Around the School Playground Equipment

Playgrounds need an adequate amount of fill dirt, wood chips, sand, or gravel to help keep kids safe as they play. Over time, those materials can spread out over the property unless they’re properly contained. Install a protective border around the playground and replace any damaged portions as you notice them. This will save you money on maintenance and keep you from having to spread new material as frequently.

Monitor High-Impact Zones

Kids can be rowdy, but some areas of the playground see more spills and falls than others. These include landing areas in front of slides, the base of sliding poles, and entrances to playground climbing structures. Keep an eye on these areas and make sure there’s enough sand, wood chips, and ground cover to keep impacts to a minimum. For added protection, install slide mats and swing mats where needed. These high-density rubber mats will protect kids from jarring impacts and can reduce the risk of playground injuries.

Stay on top of your commercial playground maintenance by sticking to a schedule and checking each piece of equipment regularly. The better maintained your school playground equipment is, the safer your students will be.