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We don't build or repair playgrounds at Discount Playground Supply, but we do specialize in all the replacement parts and supplies needed for maintaining outdoor playsets, playgrounds, field sports and recreational facilities. No matter if you need a single swing seat or a truckload of picnic tables, we have it and will get it to you fast with excellent pricing. Check out Fast Patch and Maxx Clear Surface Conditioner, two unbelievable products for repairing and maintaining rubber playground surfaces

Hundreds of Maintenance Professionals from around the country choose us because we're knowledgeable and we have what they need. It's simple: great products, great pricing and excellent customer service

Any swing mat is now only $84.50 each
Minimum order is 5 swing mats - Don't miss this
Sale Ends May 31, 2015

This week's Featured Products

Wave Walker Slackline - Green Maxx Clear Rubber Surface Conditioner
Level Dry

Hawk Series 70' Zip Line ROCK Grips - Wall Climbing Hand Holds 36" Single Bedway Slide
Rock Grip Hand Holds


Single Bedway Slide

Fast Patch Green-Black Kevlar Belt Swing Seat 2 3/8" Cast Iron Swing Hanger
Fast Patch Green & Black


Kevlar Belt Swing Seat


Black Extreme Swing Mat Dog Grooming Table Spring Rider Replacement Spring Kit
Dog Grooming Table


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