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Why Should I Bother Repairing My Commercial Playground System?
Why Should I Bother Repairing My Commercial Playground System?



According to research, today's children only play outside for just over four hours a week compared to the 8.2 hours a week their parents had as children. However, even though kids are spending less time outside the commercial playground systems they play on still require regular maintenance.

Park playground equipment can become broken and damaged with age, wear and tear, weathered impact. And while it may seem easier in some cases to simply replace the playground, it can actually be incredibly expensive to replace the entire system.

That being said, here are a few reasons why you should consider repairing commercial playground equipment instead of replacing the entire system.

Replacing the entire system can take time
It can take a significant amount of time to replace a playground system. Not only do you have to purchase a new system but you also need to wait to get a quote on the system.

From there, you need to wait for the installers to come and construct the new playground. In the meantime, your current playground system remains damaged and dangerous to the children who play on it.

Replacement playground parts , on the other hand, can be purchased without a quote. When these replacement parts arrive your team can simply repair the damage to your system and you won't have to worry about children being exposed to dangers you could be held liable for.

Replacing the entire system can be expensive
Commercial playground systems aren't cheap. In fact, the average cost of a modern playground that's capable of handling as many as 50 kids is $50,000.

Odds are your organization isn't made of money. For this reason, instead of aiming to replace the entire system when a swing sweat breaks or the playground border has gotten too old, opt to repair these damaged playground parts. You'll be saving your organization thousands of dollars.

It can be challenging to replace an entire playground system at once when all you need is a few replacement playground parts. Discount Playground Supply offers a wide array of replacement parts for your commercial playground system so you don't have to wait for the professionals to repair your playground. For more information on replacement playground parts, contact Discount Playground Supply today.

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