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Important Message: July 6, 2018 our manufacturing plant in Carrolton GA suffered a catastrophic fire. Many of the molds used to manufacture the replacement slides were destroyed beyond repair. At this time, our best estimates to get this plant back online is January 2019. The only good news from this fire is that no one was injured. We are looking for additional slide suppliers and will update this section of the site when available. - Tom

There's not much more fun for a child when they are flying down their favorite slide at a playground. Slides can be integrated part of a larger playset or can be a stand alone unit. Sometimes slides break, that plastic gets brittle from the sun, or the ambient temp get so cold they crack, or they are vandalized. In that case, a replacement playground slide is the best answer.

Replacement slides are measured by deck height. Example, if the deck height of the playset is 48", then you would need a 48" replacement slide.