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poured rubber playgroundIt's true that when you're maintaining a playground it's critical to keep the equipment in the best condition possible. The last thing you want is a child to be hurt because of rusted or broken equipment.

Yet, it's also true that the material you choose for a safety surface needs to be as safe as the playground equipment itself. When kids are on your playground, they need a soft place to land when they fall or jump.

But which type of safety surface material is the best material to use for your playground?

Artificial grass or turf

Artificial grass, also known as artificial turf, isn't the same hard, plastic turf of years past. Today's artificial grass is softer and has real-texture options. It's also low maintenance and only needs a little rinsing off here and there.

But artificial grass may not be your best option when it comes to choosing a safety surface. Artificial grass is laid over the impacted earth, which makes it not-so-soft to land on for little kids.

Wood chips

Wood chips are another common material choice for safety surfaces. Unlike artificial grass, wood chips can be layered so they have good shock-absorbancy and create a soft surface that's also solid enough to walk on.

Wood chips also shed moisture, which helps to deter mold and mildew from forming. But be sure that you pay close attention to the type of wood chips you buy because not all wood chip brands are created equal.

Solid rubber

Although wood chips are popular, solid rubber safety surfaces are considered the safest safety surface of them all. The solid rubber is great at shock-absorbancy, meaning a child is less likely to suffer an injury when they fall or jump to the ground.

What's more, solid rubber surfaces are incredibly low maintenance, slip resistant, and they have easy ADA access so all children can enjoy your playground.

Where can I find repair parts for a poured rubber playground?

Children play outside for just over four hours a week, but that doesn't mean the time they play outside is any less important. Kids need safe playgrounds to play on to get the exercise they need to be happy and healthy.

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