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For many kids, summer is the best time of the year. The sun is out, the weather's nice, and there's no school. But summer can also have its own dangers that many parents may not be aware of.

Here are some unexpected summer dangers that could make an impact on your child's health this season if you're not careful.

Sick In Summer: Seasonal Illnesses

Many parents attribute seasonal illnesses with every other time of year except summer. This is because colds are more likely to affect your child during the colder months, which just so happen to be during the school year.

But summer illnesses like whooping cough, Lyme disease, seasonal allergies, and stomach bugs can still impact your child during the warmer seasons.

You Are What You Eat: Food Additives

The American Association of Pediatrics recently changed its policy statement to inform parents about the dangers of food additives. Food additives are preservatives that are designed to preserve the taste and appearance of food.

Studies have shown that food additives can affect your child's development and hormone regulation. Stick to fresh or frozen fruits and veggies this summer (and the rest of the year) rather than canned.

Keep An Eye On Your Child's Exercise

Up to two-thirds of parents say they worry their child spends too much time playing on electronic devices. If this sounds like you, consider restricting your child's time on their electronic devices and encouraging them to go outside and play instead.

It's all too easy for your child to become a couch potato during the summer. But exercise is important for your child's development. It also helps them get all their energy out before bed.

Look Out! Broken Playground Parts

Broken playground parts are a summer danger many parents don't suspect. But they can cause serious injury.

Broken slides and swings could leave your child with a nasty gash. And old, worn out playground fill could be a fall risk. If you notice broken playground parts at your local park or apartment complex, contact those in charge of the area immediately.

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