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commercial playground equipmentToday's children spend less time playing in the great outdoors than their parents. In fact, researchers found that children only play outside for four hours a week on average. Neighborhood parks can help increase the amount of physical activity Americans get on a daily basis. But just because a park exists doesn't mean the neighborhood will use it.

That being said, change is necessary for many of today's neighborhood parks. Here are some ways to improve the condition of our parks to encourage more people to visit.

  1. Make direct investments. Not many people will want to visit a neighborhood park that has rundown facilities and play areas. Direct investments in commercial playground equipment, walking loops, skate parks, and gyms may not only improve the rate at which visitors come to the park but also how often the equipment and facilities are used. Neighborhood parks can be incredibly beneficial to the well-being of the area, but only if the park itself is well cared for.

  2. Encourage people to use the park. It may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the best ways to increase the number of people who use the park is by encouraging visitors to make use of their neighborhood parks for physical fitness. Many adults think of jogging around their neighborhoods or buying a gym membership when it comes to staying fit. It may not be at the forefront of their minds that they can take advantage of the neighborhood parks right around the corner.

  3. Increase your park's engagement. Park activities that are supervised and offer engagement for visitors is another way to improve neighborhood park turnout. Local residents can feel encouraged by the community involvement that goes into supervised park activities, especially parents and those from low-income households which may not be able to participate in costly community activities.

Neighborhood parks are one of the key solutions for improving the overall physical fitness of everyday Americans. But for neighborhood parks to be efficiently used, some changes need to be made such as improved commercial playground equipment and playground supplies. For more information on commercial playground equipment and replacement parts, contact Discount Playground Supply today.