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Trampolines are an excellent way for kids to burn off excess energy and for adults to get a great workout. Trampolines work core and leg muscles of the body while providing a tremendous cardio work out. At Discount Playground Supply, we want to inspire you to play and get moving, so we have the trampoline parts and supplies to help. However, not all trampolines are created equal and many injuries happen on poorly designed ones, which is why we only carry the Vuly Trampoline line. The Thunder series trampolines use a leaf spring design that absolutely will not pinch the user, and they have cushioned edges that protect the user in case they lose their balance.

Looking for more accessories for your trampoline? Try our trampoline skateboards. Like trampolines, kids will be able to improve balance skills without increasing injury risks. A trampoline with a basketball hoop probably sounds appealing too, and the kids will have so much fun once you mount our hoop to your Vuly trampoline. For a limited time only, receive a free tent when ordering any Vuly Thunder Trampoline and we will ship it for FREE.

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Vuly 2 - 8 Foot Trampoline Vuly 2 - 8 foot

Price: $475.00
Sale Price: $356.25
Vuly 2 - 10 Foot Trampoline Vuly 2 - 10 foot

Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $431.25
Vuly 2 - 12 Foot Trampoline Vuly 2 - 12 foot

Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $524.25
Vuly 2 - 14 Foot Trampoline Vuly 2 - 14 foot

Thunder Trampoline M Series Thunder Trampoline - Medium

Price: $1,399.00
Sale Price: $1,049.25
Thunder Trampoline L Series Thunder Trampoline - Large

Price: $1,699.00
Sale Price: $1,274.25
Trampoline Basketball Hoop Trampoline - Basketball Hoop

Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $131.25
Trampoline Skateboard Deck Trampoline - Skateboard Deck

Price: $125.00
Sale Price: $100.00