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Portable Aluminum Bleachers

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Field bleachers are an important component for just about any type of outdoor spectator sport, and our sports bleacher selection includes options for more than a dozen configurations. These metal bleachers are strong yet lightweight, making them easier to handle than the heavy wooden kind, plus these portable aluminum bleachers are nearly maintenance-free, making them easy to deal with all the way around. They’re ideal school bleachers, especially at schools where there are lots of different sporting events regularly taking place.

Choose from 3-tier, 4-tier or 5-tier construction to provide seating for as few as 15 people (3-row, 7.5’ long) or as many as 72 (4-row, 21’ long). Other options include 5-row – 50 seats, 5-row – 70 seats, 4-row – 65 seats and numerous other configurations. To make these portable aluminum bleachers even more portable, a Tip-n-Roll Kit that allows you to easily move your bleacher units from one spot to the next can be added. The kit features non-marring casters and special skids to protect flooring.

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