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If you've ever wondered what happens to the millions of vehicle tires discarded every year, take a look at the rubber playground swing mats offered here at Discount Playground Supply. These outdoor playground swing mats and playground slide mats help prevent kick out of wood chips used on playground surfaces. Additionally, the mats help keep these types of surfaces ADA wheelchair compliant. What’s especially useful is our under swing mat inventory, so be sure you are getting yours today to raise playground safety. Call about volume discount on all swing mats!

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As of March 15, 2012, ALL commercial playgrounds must be accessible; it is the law.

Playgrounds that use wood mulch can fail the revised Accessibility requirement because the wood chips can get kicked out under swing sets, or at the end of the slides. A cost effective way to help keep these playgrounds safer and in compliance is with the use of an playground swing mat from Discount Playground Supply. All our swing mats are American made and made from recycled scrap rubber. We want to do our part in keeping landfills clean of scrap tire and more Americans working.