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Having dog park agility equipment present at your park will help keep dogs in shape. Our collection of "Bark Park" Dog Agility Equipment Kits represent the ultimate in dog park equipment designed to keep pets challenged, active and interested in surrounding space. The dog playground equipment here will help your pet in mastering several different skills like jumping, climbing, balancing and crawling. Each of these dog park agility equipment kits comes in two color options- red and blue, or beige and green. Each dog obstacle course has a recommended minimum use zone that can be found in the products detail page.

The basic dog agility course here, the Novice Dog Park Kit, includes four separate items and is recommended for an area not smaller than 35'x35'. It features a Rover Jump Over obstacle, a Dogie Crawl event, a Hoop Jumping obstacle and a "Paws" Grooming Table. Upgrades to this basic Novice Kit all contains four items listed plus additional equipment for further involvement. The Best in Show includes a pet waste station, trash receptacle and sit/stay bench. To learn more about our dog park agility equipment, please give us a call today.
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