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Safe and Effective Crowd Control Equipment

Controlling crowds and traffic is essential to maintaining order and safety for everyone. Here at Discount Playground Supply we offer several different types of crowd control fencing and crowd control gates, from Portable Interlocking Crowd Control Barricades and Bollards to Decorative Planters.

Interlocking Crowd Control Barricade were patented in France in 1951 and are widely used today as event barricades indoors and outdoors. These barricades are typically made from steel, but some interlocking crowd control barricades are made from plastic. In addition to steel barricades, portable crowd control barriers easily create a clearly marked "No Access" line for security personal and event planners. In more serious applications, these interlocking barricades are used in riot situations where the frame interlocking mechanism and footing make them extremely difficult to tip over, making them an almost impenetrable defense line.

Bollards on the other hand were short posts originally used on ships or docks for mooring boats, but now they have a variety of applications ranging from crowd control, ornamentation for buildings and traffic guidance and control. As a decorative building ornamentation, these crowd barriers improve the visual quality of building and landscapes as they separate and reinforce the visual cues while enhancing a sense of place for approaching visitors.

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Crowd Control Steel Barricade Crowd Barricades 8' - Bridge Foot

Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $99.95

For traffic guidance, bollards set the visual cues for drivers, directing them to parking and reinforcing areas to stay away from. Bollards are installed at the optimal height for driver visibility to note pedestrian walkways, utility boxes and designated bike lanes. Mounting options include surface or in-ground mounting.

Large planters are typically used in urban areas as crowd control barricades. Planters provide pleasing aesthetics and bring color to otherwise plain concrete and steel buildings and open areas.