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commercial swing hangersLess than one-third of kids today reach the Sports and Fitness Industry Association's classification of "active to a healthy level." That's just 25 minutes of high-calorie-burning activity at least three times a week.

Playgrounds help to boost kids' physical activity and stimulate play and creativity. But, playgrounds that aren't properly maintained can be a hazard to the children playing on them.

But how do you know whether your playground needs to be repaired or replaced?

When does my playground need to be repaired?

Many people make the mistake of replacing the entire playground when a piece of equipment has been damaged. But, a damaged piece of playground equipment doesn't mean the entire set is a problem.

If you have cracked or damaged slides, you can disconnect the slide equipment from the rest of the playground set and have the equipment replaced. This is also true of any netting or protective surfaces.

In fact, you may not need a replacement playground even if the set is loose. In this case, it may be a sign you need to replace your playground bolts or have them tightened.

When does my playground need to be replaced?

If you've made the repairs your playground needs, but the set itself still doesn't feel safe and secure, it may be time to replace the entire set. One sign a replacement playground may be in your best interest is that the playground is too old.

Playground equipment can break down over time. If you need more than a few replacement parts on your set and repairs don't seem to do the trick, it may be time to invest in a new playground set altogether.

Another sign it may be time to replace your playground is that you keep making repairs. Playground equipment that's too old may be more likely to break or crack. If your playground equipment needs a new repair after you've already made a fix, it may be time to replace the entire set.

Do you need replacement playground equipment?

A damaged playground doesn't necessarily mean the entire set needs to be replaced. Discount Playground Supply offers a variety of replacement commercial playground equipment.

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