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Playground Borders and Ramps

Many older outdoor playground were originally fitted with wood timbers or railroad ties. While these types of playground borders and playground edging work well, children were subject to injuries ranging from splinters, scrapes and scratches from the rough edges. In addition to the safety issues associated with wooden timbers they warp leaving gaps in the frame, attract wood boring insects, carpenter ants and are subject to rot. Retro fitting and updating older playgrounds is easy and simple with Plastic Playground Borders or Rubber Playground Borders / Rubber Edging. Also, remember to replace Timber Spikes and Border Spikes as they get old

Plastic Playground Borders are made from recycled HDPE plastic and are designed for child safety with features such as rounded edges, no splintering,joints that overlap which reducing the risk of pinched fingers and they do not rot or attract insects. Plastic Border sizes range from 6" to 12" and include a heavy duty galvanized anchoring spike. Simple to install and they come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Rubber Borders / Rubber Curbing is ideal for playgrounds where the playground sides and ends are circular or serpentine because these borders are bendable. Rubber Curbing is also used for driveways, sidewalks and gardens

Playground Wheelchair Ramps are a simple and quick way to help bring any playground that use loose fill safety surfacing be in compliance with revised accessibility requirements. Playground Wheelchair Ramps made from HDPE plastic are easy to install and last a long time

Below are sampling from our Playground Borders and Wheelchair Ramp Selection

12" Plastic Borders Wheelchair Ramps Rubber Borders & Curbs

Using Plastic or Rubber Borders for Gardens is an Excellent Idea